5 Advantages Of VoIP

As the internet and phone services are getting cheaper, VoIP is getting more popular. There are several providers of VoIP software and each has a variety of plans to choose from that can be either free or as costly as $29.95 per month.One major benefit that many people enjoy with VoIP software is low International rates. We will talk about 5 reasons why switching to VoIP will save you plenty of headaches and make your life simpler.

* Bottom line is your pocketbook – VoIP software plans are less expensive than traditional phone service. When you switch your phone service over to VoIP, you are taking advantage of the broadband network to meet to needs; phone and Internet thus, lowering your monthly bill.

* VoIP software packages offer competitive rates for local, long-distance, and international calls. Local and state-to-state calls are usually unlimited in the U.S. and Canada. For international plans, a lot of providers give significant discounts in comparison to the hefty charges for landlines.

* The same features that you have used in traditional phone service are available on VoIP phones often for less. Common features are call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and some other nice perks. For added convenience users of VoIP software can choose to have their voicemail messages sent directly to their email. In addition, several VoIP software packages are compatible with Outlook and other computer applications, which allows for effective managing of both incoming and outgoing calls.

It’s easy to forget that you can enjoy VoIP fax choices!

* Who doesn’t enjoy convenience? That’s what VoIP software is all about. You are not required to buy fancy equipment that is cumbersome to connect. Regular phones can be connected to an adapter which connects to the computer. The adapter is many times provided free of charge through your chosen provider for VoIP services.

Don’t forget to do a Vonage speed test before you pick any one service

* If you love to travel, think about the possibility of taking your phone anywhere and having the ability to make calls for no extra charges. The best part – your phone number is truly yours. You can take it anywhere you want to be given you have a broadband internet connection www.globextelecom.net.