What Is A VOIP ADSL Phone Actually?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and what this basically comes down to is using the internet to carry voice phone calls. This type of telephony can be done with the use of a computer with speakers and microphone, a specialized device that plugs into the computer, or even newer advanced devices that only require an internet connection such as ADSL, no computer required. This type of device is called a VOIP ADSL phone.

The same concept of redirecting voice calls over internet connections has long been used by big international telecoms companies. Nowadays only local calls are routed along with conventional networks, and national and international calls all get rerouted via the internet from one local network to another.

VOIP is essentially a free service if it goes between two computers or other devices connected over the internet. Where the costs come in is when the telephone call goes from an internet user to a conventional line or mobile phone or vice versa. The costs of the networks outside the internet still have to be paid.

For a subscription fee, service providers can connect you from the internet to the network of your choice. Regardless of the fees, cost savings in respect of both national and international calls over their conventional counterparts is simply something that cannot be ignored.

Having a broadband connection such as ADSL is essential for good quality audio conversations, no matter what network or where in the world you’re phoning to or from. The audio is carried in packets, and if traffic over the internet is too slow, these packets can be delayed too long to make the audio make any sense, or cause long delays in the conversation.

VOIP ADSL phones are effectively intelligent internet devices and come in several different shapes and sizes. Some look like a conventional telephone, others are similar to a cordless phone and some even look like a cellphone, but they all require only an ADSL connection.

The biggest cost saving to be found is in international calls, especially from one internet device to another. The expenses are reduced to a fraction of conventional calls due to there being no additional costs other than an ADSL connection. You can contact people in nearly every country in the world, the exception being those with less-developed infrastructures and some who don’t allow Globex Telecom VOIP.

VOIP has long been a bone of contention among conventional telecommunication companies and the rival VOIP companies. The battle over VOIP has been won by the VOIP technology companies and the VOIP ADSL phone is here to stay.